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13 March 2024 Reviews


Hailing from the East Coast and now calling Los Angeles her home, ZIAH is an artist whose music offers a genuine glimpse into her life’s journey and intimate relationships, with her commitment to raw authenticity resonating in every note. Through her artistry, ZIAH gracefully navigates through timeless classics and modern pop, effortlessly blending soulful melodies with contemporary sensibilities.

ZIAH now shares her dazzling latest single ‘Higher Love’, a fusion of powerful vocal performance and glorious sultry, grooving arrangements. Kicking off with a rhythmic acoustic guitar and dynamic, hard-hitting kick drum, the track rises into a euphoric pop anthem filled with glittery melodies and infectious bass line grooves. ZIAH embraces her signature soulful vocal tones, backed with a pop-queen confidence that ignites an irresistible energy.

ZIAH explains the single, sharing, "I wrote 'Higher Love' with the intent of articulating the courage it takes to express to the one you love, 'I miss what we had, let's reignite our flame.' It speaks to the potential for a profound, transcendent love awaiting discovery—there's a deeper love to explore, there's a higher love.”

From the heartfelt ballad 'Never Stay' to the infectious energy of 'Higher Love,' ZIAH paints a vivid musical landscape, captivating audiences with her soulful voice and pop prowess across all her singles. At the arrival of the new single, fans are eagerly anticipating her debut EP, as the artist remains passionate and excited to share her evolving musical narrative.


5 /5


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