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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply head over to our 'Submit Your Music' page and send us your music.

Our tastemakers are fed your submissions every two weeks so please send your music as early as possible. For all other submissions we review these weekly.

The most reliable way to find out is through your Spotify for Artists profile.

It’s difficult for us because of the amount of music we get every day. As this system is free our time is uniquely devoted to listen to submissions and playlist them if we like them.

We created the 'submit your music' form to be able to manage the submissions for all tastemakers and curators, so it’s easier for all of us. We know that feedback is important to you, however we simply do not have time to reply to every submission we receive, sorry. If a Radar45 curator likes your music and wants to know more about you, we’ll send you an email – that’s why we ask for it on the forms.

We do offer a feedback system via the platform Groover, however this is strictly for the themed playlists only, the tastemakers will only accept free submissions via the website. Please do not DM them as all submissions must come through the form.

Of course, we've never paid for one single follower or stream, this means that the playlists don't generate 1,000s of streams per day, but every listener is real, and organic... that really matters.

Absolutely not, our playlists are curated based on taste and are free to submit to. If you want guaranteed feedback through Groover, there is a small $2 fee to cover the time of the curator to provide a short sentence of feedback, which can be very useful.

experiencing issues? please email [email protected]