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25 March 2024 Reviews

Rising London-based Artist Sixsense Releases New Single ‘AYANNA’

London-based artist Sixsense is breaking boundaries with his latest release ‘AYANNA’, a captivating fusion of soothing Afrobeat-inspired Latin R&B that sets him apart in the London music scene. Sixsense describes the track as “a love song, but it’s also a song about growing up. Like that painful nostalgia you feel when you recall a memory that you know you won’t have again.”

‘AYANNA’ follows the success of Sixsense's 9th studio release, ‘CUENTAME’ and continues to showcase his ability to craft nostalgic lyrics. The track seamlessly weaves together warm acoustic melodies with electronic rhythms which explores themes of love and wistful longing for the past.

Raised in the vibrant metropolis of Santiago de Chile and also London, Sixsense brings a fresh perspective to the music scene. His background, rooted in a mixture of Jewish-South American and Australian heritage, adds a distinctive layer to his music.

“Growing up my parents worked a lot, so I always found ways to entertain myself in any way I could. After convincing my parents to buy me an electric piano I started teaching myself and I didn’t really stop making music since.” he says.


4 /5


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