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20 February 2024 Reviews


Founding member of Blue Foundation turned solo one to watch Sitrekin brings a distinctive electronic atmosphere to her new single ‘As I Moved On’. Balancing thin arrangements with intense emotional connections in her soft vocals. As the track progresses, the soundscape expands, including tight and eclectic percussion elements and forceful synth design, all the while maintaining the celestial feel she captures from the first note.

The artist shares, ”‘As I Moved On’ is written from a dark place - but with a promise of power, growth and light. The song is about moving on from something that is no longer serving your best. You take a deep breath and throw yourself into the unknown, and then you must find the courage and strength to stand alone – face your own fears, sorrows and limitations. The song is about listening to, and trusting, your inner voice, wherever it takes you. About being true to yourself and stay open, soft and vulnerable, yet at the same time, badass and awe-inspiring, and not letting anyone run you over.

The song is also about having the courage and strength to stand alone, if that is what it takes. In contrast to this, the choruses rise in waves of bright melodies, and this illustrates that, if you dare to set out for your journey, it can be scary - yes - but there’s also a chance that something magical can happen.”

Behind Sitrekin stands Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg, former founding member, lead singer and songwriter in the acclaimed Danish band Blue Foundation, known for their features in major films such as 'Twilight' and 'Miami Vice'. Blue Foundation's breakthrough album ‘Sweep of Days’ was released on February 2nd 2004 and gained high acclaim from the Danish media. It was declared ‘a major work in Danish electronic music’, and it is still considered as one of the most important Danish albums of the 00’s.

As a solo outfit, Sitrekin first launched in 2021 with the debut single ‘Open Chest’, going straight to number one on Danish National Radio P6Beat and achieving international attention. Self-produced, Sitrekin creates a unique blend of atmospheric electronic indie and melancholic pop, decorating her sound with strong melodies and sonic details.

Highlighted by The Danish Arts Foundations, selected for Impala’s ‘100 Artists To Watch’ in 2023 and endorsed by Dolby. The back end of 2023 also saw Sistrekin give an interview to American Rolling Stone Magazine and inaugurate VEGA’s brand new immersive sound system at Ideal Bar, playing the opening concert of VEGA’s immersive concert series in Copenhagen. Kirstine’s voice also went viral on TikTok, Blue Foundation’s ‘Eyes On Fire’ being used in over 34,000 videos thanks to the hashtags ‘#hoahoaseason’ and ‘#hoahoahoahoa’.

Now, Sistrekin looks ahead to her forthcoming debut album, set for release in late 2024.


4 /5


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