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03 October 2023 Reviews


After solidifying himself as an undeniable force with his two chart-topping house-inspired LPs, Shaun Cruda is venturing out and making waves in the RnB scene with new single, ‘Ashville Rain’.

The Los Angeles-based Producer takes inspiration from the electric feels that run through the veins of today’s popular music. Mastering any craft he tries, as proven by his array of skills from behind the DJ booth and mixing board, to songwriting and producing, Cruda sets the bar impeccably high.

‘Ashville Rain’ is no different in its high-quality magic, and masters exactly what a soulful lofi track should be: mellow, intricate, calming, and nostalgic. The bed of synths and minimal percussion makes the song simultaneously cosy and enticing, and the soulful fusion of RnB and lofi makes ‘Ashville Rain’ perfect to either “vibe to, slide to, or just kick back and unwind to”.

With a glistening reverb throughout and a honeyed lead vocal, it is all too easy to succumb to the track’s dreamy ambience.

‘Ashville Rain’ is yet another building block in Cruda’s ever-ascending career, establishing himself as one of the most intriguing and multifaceted artists in recent times. His talent hasn’t gone unnoticed, as his work is frequently featured in popular Spotify playlists, racking up a total of just under 100k streams. His latest single with the MC/rapper Project Jay has also reached an impressive 60k streams in less than 2 months since its release in July this year.

The future looks bright and busy for Cruda, as he is set to return to his Los Angeles roots to appear on the Dash Radio Show, and perform a select number of live shows in his hometown to support and celebrate the release of ‘Ashville Rain’.

Shaun Cruda hasn’t just set the standards high for his peers and competing artists, he’s completely reinvented the level at which artists should be performing. His wealth of experience combined with an evident dedication to his craft puts him in an untouchable prime position to continue to thrive in his solid, long-standing career.


5 /5


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