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17 May 2023 Reviews

Hip Hop artist Sharifa has dropped his newest single ‘TOO MUCH’.

His upcoming release ‘TOO MUCH’ has a Travis Scott influence with a dark and intimate twist. The chilled trap drums mixed with honest RnB vocals create an intense atmosphere.

Sharifa is an 18-year-old musician, producer, artist and DJ working in between different genres such as, notably rap, pop, R&B and alternative. Being born in the East Midlands and raised in a close-minded town, Sharifa is now living in London where he continues to grow and collaborate in the creative industry.

Sharifa takes influences from his daily life and emotional struggles, and portrays it through his work. He is a talented producer and a multi-instrumentalist. Sharifas music features a raw and exciting young energy.

‘TOO MUCH’ is out now on all streaming platforms.


4 /5


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