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27 June 2023 Reviews


S.F. Johnson is returning with an irresistible new single “The Goo” ahead of the release of his debut album “Digital Utopia.” Nothing much is known about the artist, other than the debut EP Songs from an empty Orchestra released back in 2021 where the track ‘Future Blues’ received support from Spotify’s Fresh Finds UK.

“The Goo” comes as an anthemic offering. Merging emotional and infectious elements together, the single features low-key drums, grooving bass lines and swirling guitar melodies. On top, vocals come softly-penned but are also emotive, infectious and colourful. Merging old and new influences together, “The Goo” perfectly showcases Johnson’s refreshing take on indie rock.

Speaking about the single, he says: “The Goo is about the relationship with self. It was the last track I wrote for the album when I was still living in Tokyo. At the time I was trying to be more mindful and reflective, stealing moments out of the day whenever I felt consumed. The roof of my old place was perfect for that, and is where I got the idea for the song. It’s mulling things over, the fear, the uncertainty, and eventually realising that sometimes you’ve just got to help yourself.

At this point I’d been living in Japan for 4 years and felt my time there slipping away, I was anxious about moving home post Covid - so I wanted to try and embrace what was left in mind and song.

Living in London makes it even harder to find these little moments of peace. Sometimes I stick this track on and remind myself of how important it is to do this. Take myself back to that rooftop, when I’m drowning in the goo.”

Talking about the music video, he says: “The roof is where the video was shot. I’d try to get up there for 15 minutes every evening - pink skies, perfect weather, try to slow down, be in the moment. I wanted to portray a good mood despite the uncertainty in my life at the time. It was shot on my last night in Tokyo with Thibault Tresca, a friend of mine I met in my last few months there. We went round Shibuya and caught some B-roll and went out afterwards, to an Izakaya and one final lap of the streets with a highball. We met a Japanese guy wearing a Newcastle United shirt outside a Family Mart. It felt like a sign that returning home was a good thing.”

S.F. Johnson is a multi-instrumentalist from Newcastle-Upon Tyne, currently based in East London. His unique and signature sound blends together many different genres and inspirations from the 80s and 90s alt-rock/Pop and disco music scenes. S.F. Johnson and his fans are now looking ahead to the release of his debut album “Digital Utopia.” On this record Johnson finds himself in a meditative, yet chaotic place. Telling stories of self-reflection, childhood and the struggles of mundane life. Johnson’s life seems punctuated by juxtaposition: hope and defeat, peace and restlessness, meditation and chaos. Johnson hopes by opening up, he can pull his audience into his world.


4 /5


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