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29 June 2023 Reviews


Lex Candy has returned with a reflective new single entitled ‘Butterflies’. Throughout the track, electric guitars wash over your ears and vocals gently float by. As the electric guitar part expands, we hear a piano part to back it up, with simple chord outlines that feel like a sparkle in the sky. The drum part is simplistic but driving and Lex Candy’s performance on the vocal part shows a true connection with the words he is singing. The song builds up and breaks down around him, but he stays steadfast, like an anchor to the music for the listener.

On the new release, he says, “Butterflies is a song about having this feeling of having butterflies in your stomach and feeling free. On a rainy day I opened up the session for the instrumental of Butterflies and started thinking of a lyrical theme. Being depressed made it hard, but I always try my best to get out of my depression and think of something beautiful which happened or will happen. This was one of these days. So Butterflies is exactly about that. I felt pretty down but it made me feel better when I thought of the love I have in my life. It celebrates the love and the feeling of freedom. It's absolutely perfect for chill summer days.”

Lex Candy was previously part of multiple bands, with this coming to an end in 2021 as he set himself on new material and a solo career that would allow him to grow both as a musician and as a person. Within his pop and RnB sound we can still hear the punky edge from his past shine through, giving his otherwise optimistic music a gritty edge. His debut EP ‘You’ve done the right thing, let’s move on and celebrate life’ was released in March 2023, getting attention from local radio stations and international press.

With a sturdy past to influence him and a bright future on the horizon, Lex now sets his sights on releasing regular music. As he progresses and grows his audience, the name Lex Candy will be one you hear more and more if you keep your eye on promising new talent.


4 /5


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