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05 April 2024 Reviews

Rising Rockstar Mario Vayne Unveils Electrifying New Single: 'Electric'

Queensland's own Mario Vayne, a musical prodigy known for his extraordinary vocals and talent in songwriting, has conquered the music scene once again with the release of his highly anticipated single 'Electric'.

Following the success of his debut single 'Baby', whichgarnered over 200K listens on Spotify and earned him features in notable press outlets such as Happy Mag, Mario Vayne is ready to ignite the airwaves with his latest offering.

Mario Vayne's musical journey began at the tender age of seven, growing up in a household steeped in the rhythms of his musically inclined Italian parents. Influenced by iconic '70s vinyl records from bands like Cheap Trick, The Sweet, Little River Band, The Babys, and Status Quo, Mario's early years shaped the foundation of his unique contemporary pop-rock sound. He goes on to explain, “I’ve always been a true believer in that you have to follow your heart no matter what”.

Despite crafting his first song by the age of eleven, Mario's innate talent remained hidden from the world due to his shy nature. However, his undeniable vocal prowess eventually led him to become the frontman of various bands in Australia and the UK, lighting up the club and pub circuit with his exceptional performances.

Caught in the shift of musical tastes during the mid-'90s grunge era, Mario took a sabbatical from music. The autumn of 2018 marked a triumphant return as he rediscovered his passion for songwriting and recording, leading to the creation of his captivating debut single 'Baby'.

Accompanied by an iconic music video, Mario Vayne is now set to captivate audiences once again with 'Electric'. This new single, featuring the rising rocker's signature classic rock and roll influences, promises to be a game-changer in the music industry. With over 4k followers on Instagram and a rapidly growing fan base, Mario Vayne is poised to make a significant impact with his latest release through the power of sound and artistic visuals.


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