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15 August 2023 Reviews


The latest from singer/songwriter Luchi is a new single entitled ‘You’ll Hurt More’ released on 7th of August.

What you’ll notice first is the emotional piano part, which throughout the song outlines the chord layers, dancing around, gently passing over extra chords to keep your attention. In the breakdown this piano turns into a gorgeous arpeggio that supports the vocal in this section. The bass and the guitars also add to the texture of these chords, breaking them up into a 16th pattern that drives the track forward, allowing the drums to be an anthemic addition, with echoing snares and fills. As always, Luchi’s vocal performance is evocative and heartfelt, especially paired with the vocal harmonies which accent these feelings wherever necessary.

‘You’ll Hurt More’ is a track that takes the concept of being heartbroken after a breakup and brings in a refreshing, positive and confident perspective, pairing Luchi’s signature soulful sound with an upbeat pop-feel.

On the new release, Luchi shares:

“This single is a bit different to what I’ve released recently. It’s upbeat, fun and sassy. I wanted to show that I am multi-layered as a writer and artist and it’s not all vulnerable sad songs. When I wrote this song, it was just me and I was actually writing it with another artist in mind but I just loved the vibe of it so much I wanted to keep it for myself. It started as quite vulnerable as I wrote it just with an acoustic guitar accompanying but when we came to production, I said to my producer Chris that I wanted to make it into an anthem.

With a distinct style, soulful voice and mature lyrics, Luchi is able to take his years of experience and songwriting prowess and translate them into beautiful songs. An artist that is always ready to have a crack at the industry, ‘You’ll Hurt More’ showcases that he is as dynamic as he is talented, and that he is ready to rise to the top.


4 /5


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