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21 September 2023 Reviews


After making a fierce debut with “Not Your Fetish”, LION is back with his high-octane club banger “Attention”. Taking on the perspective of someone who obsesses over validation to the point of insanity, LION takes you on a journey with their hyperpop-influenced production style and dynamic rap delivery. Written and produced by LION themselves, “Attention” is complete with glitchy vocal chops, hard-hitting drums and brash synths; a true exploration of their sonic palette.

On the creation of “Attention”, LION says: “I wrote this song in a period of my life where I sought so much external validation that I nearly lost myself. So I wrote about the progression of someone who broke down because they couldn’t nurture their own soul. But of course, I had to make it camp, catchy and chaotic. I think there are so many distractions and coping mechanisms we develop to avoid ourselves; so let’s commit to the journey of listening to ourselves, especially when it’s painful”.

The vibrant “Attention” world is fully realized in the accompanying futuristic film clip. Immersed in the landscape of a glossy, gold-plated 3D island, LION performs energetic choreography in front of his huge, precious trophy while toiling with his broken identity. Eventually realizing that his identity is based on materialism, the island self-destructs, leaving LION to reckon with the scattered remnants of his self-worth.

LION’s mission is already set in motion, with write-ups from renowned publications such as Wonderland, Earmilk, Purple Sneakers and more. They’ve also played Sydney World Pride to rave crowds, with touring opportunities on the horizon. LION’s fearless approach to his music has captured the attention of audiences worldwide, and will be showcased gloriously in the golden world of “Attention”.


4 /5


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