17 November 2023 Reviews


Portuguese singer-songwriter J.MYSTERY has developed a reputation over the last few years for his captivating and atmospheric pop sound, buoyed by his unmistakable presence and a flair for the creative and ethereal. The artist’s immersive latest single ‘Breakdown’ is a track that shines a light on everything that makes J.MYSTERY feel so special, and may have taken the crown for his most moving and powerful release to date.

The track was written during a time of mourning when the artist and his wife were experiencing the pain and sorrow of a miscarriage. It speaks to the importance of exteriorising our feelings and emotions. Long gone are the days of bottling everything up and having to put on a brave face in wake of such tragedy, and ‘Breakdown’ stresses the importance of being able to break down and process our emotions in a healthy way.

Sonically the track features the artist’s typically creative range of styles and sounds, melding genres such as alternative rock, electronic, and atmospheric pop to create a stirring and engrossing sound that feels inspired. There is a beauty in the sonic landscape that provides the perfect platform for his introspective approach, with the soundscape mirroring the reflective nature of the track.

This makes for a poignant and fiercely empowering release that is packed full of catharsis and heart. Nothing can prepare you for such an event, and the way that J.MYSTERY articulates his feelings hits hard, conveying a powerful and profound message with the grace and gravity that it deserves. There is a pain and a longing in his vocals that feels vulnerable and raw, providing the ethereal sound with an aura of authenticity.

The overarching message of the track is one of perseverance and resilience, to process these experiences in order to let us rebuild and keep fighting on the other side. ‘Breakdown’ is an incredibly rewarding journey that grips you tightly from its offset and never lets go, highlighting the enigmatic artist’s showstopping songwriting prowess to devastating effect.


4 /5


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