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06 March 2024 Reviews


Already receiving national attention and shortlisted for an award from Youth Music in 2023, Gloucester collective GCODA have unveiled their debut album ‘Lights Out’. Following on from The Music Works’ incredible work with the Knife Angel project, the project is detailed with personal experiences around the fallout of knife crime and the factors accelerating the problem.

The music itself is a vivid melting pot of the UK scene, with elements from drill and grime making their presence known, alongside tracks leaning towards lighter UK rap and Afro-R&B. Each collaborator brings their unique personality to the track they feature on, leaving audiences with an eclectic mix of the best sensibilities each genre and artist has to offer.

GCODA’s producer JBZY shares a comment on the collective and the album, ”GCODA's formation has shaped my musical journey massively. I couldn't imagine a year on from our first performance, we'd be producing our own album as a collective but I'm massively grateful and excited for what's to come”

GCODA have inspired a community, using their tenacity and talent to demonstrate what can be achieved when faith and support are provided to those from the most affected communities. G-Coda's hometown of Gloucester has faced varying issues regarding the issues that feed knife crime: Poverty, lack of domestic leadership, opportunity and community have caused a disconnect for many young people. Despite this, with the support of The Music Works, the cohort of talented young people has shown what can be achieved thanks to their passion for music and change.

The Music Works add, “Sustainability has been a huge part of the project’s ambition, and it has been a stellar result with the G-Coda collective continuing to collaborate with each other and planning for their musical careers that lie ahead of them. We are ecstatic to see where their talents take them!”


4 /5


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