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01 June 2023 Jodie Bryant's Fresh Sounds

1. Ellie Evans 'Breakfast On The Roof'

2. Harrison Mayo 'If You Let Me'

3. Flo Gallop 'Window Shopping'

4. Tara Flanagan 'Crazy City'

5. The Moontown Project 'Saw The Stars'

6. frances mistry 'cut it out'

7. Orchid 'Gorgeous!'

8. Olivia Dean 'Carmen'

9. Charlie Baker 'Kissin'

10. Ellie Dixon 'Dopamine'

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Nels Hylton's Fresh Sounds

The best in brand new music from across the landscape of genreā€™s. Join me every fortnight for New Threads.

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Honor Morrison's New Indie

Tune in to Honor Morrison's New Indie List to discover hot new artists and emerging bands.

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