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14 November 2023 Reviews


After seeing a great deal of success with his ‘Living Room Sessions’ EP, Eric Penn has returned with a single aiming to capture the crossroads between love and doubt. ‘Timber’ highlights Eric’s smooth and sultry vocal performances, giving listeners romanticised lyricism that flows with ease through the track. To back this up, Eric delivers a lush and atmospheric instrumental, with plucky synth lines taking on sweeping arpeggios, backed up with a soft electronic hum and energised with reverberant percussion. This is another release from Eric Penn that showcases the battles that come with love and the heart’s journey, continuing to showcase Eric’s enticing signature sound.

Speaking further on the single, Eric Penn shares:

“As I continue to move deeper into my music journey, I am searching for a specific feeling that resonates before I ever write a word. Art is something that should be expressed freely, and Timber was that for me. Sometimes I become a bit too rigid with creation, and that rigidity tries to camafloge itself with intentionality. The creation of the song was eretheral. It just made itself. It was just something I felt deeply and I didn’t have to force it. I hope that that message isconveyed clearly when you hear the song.”

The Virginia Beach-born and Harlem-based singer/songwriter Eric Penn has grown from writing music as a child to making it apparent in his music that he takes pride with each stroke of his pen. With a delightful singing voice and impressive range, he admits to his musical acumen being natural, always acknowledging that his abilities come from somewhere way greater than him.

While Eric has always been known to be more reserved in personality and his approach to making music, the birth of his daughters created a fresh sense of urgency. Inevitably, becoming a father has been the biggest turning point in his life to date, feeding into new projects with an incredible work ethic. In 2020, his single ‘Sinking Sand’ garnered features on, NPR radio, and The Joe Budden Podcast, amassing traction through publications and playlists.


5 /5


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