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07 July 2023 Reviews


Claudia Fenoglio is back with another captivating single that is sure to resonate with listeners everywhere. Entitled 'Girlfriends on TV', this track showcases Claudia's unique blend of soft vocals and crunchy yet emotional electric guitar lines, all accompanied by a driving drum groove that keeps your foot tapping along. But it's not just the instrumentation that makes this song stand out; Claudia's gentle acoustic guitar weaves its way throughout, providing a steady rhythm and adding a mellow layer to the overall sound. However, it's Claudia's evocative lyricism and heartfelt performance that truly lead the track, drawing you into a deeper connection with every word.

On the new single, Claudia says, “Girlfriends on TV is pretty much my coming out song! During a period of self- discovery, I binged a lot of LGBTQ+ television shows and films, whilst also attempting to throw myself into meeting and connecting with new people. Girlfriends On TV balances both anxiety and excitement when coming to terms with your identity in the modern era. It's a playful, feel good indie soft rock tune that has been crafted for the sole purpose of singing it at the top of your lungs in the car.”

Cheshire-born, Leeds-based single-songwriter Claudia Fenoglio is on track to become a leading figure in the growing UK folk scene. It was on a family trip to Nashville that she found a love for country and folk music, which over the years has led her to craft herself a seat at the industry’s table, envisioning a sound that balances the dichotomy of intimate and familiar and ethereal and otherworldly.

After moving to Leeds to study Film and Photography in 2018, Claudia looked back on her different life experiences to inform her music. This led to the release of her singles, ‘19 Again’ and ‘Like it Never Was’, both in collaboration with producer Tim Malkin (Talkboy and Fizzyblood). These singles gained support from BBC Introducing, Launchpad Leeds and Youth Music. Fenoglio has also played festivals such as Live at Leeds and Long Division.

The unique sound with a familiar affection to it is something that is very appealing to fans and tastemakers alike. With this single following an already impressive 2023, Claudia is set to have a defining year for her career, with many waiting in anticipation with what is yet to come.


4 /5


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