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25 October 2023 Reviews


After seeing success with her two previous releases, singles ‘Can’t Explain’ and ‘Colors’, singer-songwriter Anaïs Cardot is back with her debut EP, ‘Pink Magnolia’. The project features an eclectic range of vibrant, beautiful, alluring tracks that show off her multilingual ability with a sound drenched in relaxed nostalgia with all the clean production we expect with modern music. Themes of self-discovery and heartbreak are laced within the lyricism, with highly emotional and passionate vocal performances that achieve a sense of reserved power and confidence despite the melancholic surface. Added to this are creative and luxuriant harmonies that are simply angelic. Instrumentation is sparse, leaving room for Anaïs to shine, with acoustic guitars, pianos, drums and the occasional saxophone being the only other pieces of the puzzle.

On the new EP Anaïs shares:

“Pink Magnolia, a name with dual significance, captures the essence of my musical journey. Its roots lie in the evocative scent that followed me during the creation of these heartfelt songs, each a reflection of my transformative experiences over the past few years. I sought to depict my evolving thoughts and emotions throughout the process.

Anaïs Cardot’s songwriting delves into topics like self-love, mental health, and a consistent wrestling with sadness, a craft she has been honing since the age of 14. Her relatable and compassionate message has garnered a devoted fan base since her first release in 2020. Overcoming the challenges of Arthrogryposis, a disease that was said to limit her ability to walk, talk, and even sit, Cardot found her voice in music, using it as a means of self-expression and connection.

High praises from both the press and genre pioneers Masego, PJ Morton, and Lizzie McAlpine have surfaced during her remarkable run in 2023. Her recent graduation from Canada’s Ottawa University marks a significant milestone, further propelling her musical career toward boundless possibilities. Building upon a foundation of fast-paced growth and unwavering quality, Anaïs Cardot is solidifying her position as a standout artist to watch for the remainder of 2023 and beyond. ‘Pink Magnolia’ undoubtedly holds the potential to elevate Cardot’s recognition to new heights.


4 /5


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